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Ageas, Deminor, Stichting FortisEffect, SICAF and VEB reach agreement aiming at settling all Fortis civil legacies

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Monday March 14th 2016, Ageas and the claimants’ organisations, Deminor, Stichting FortisEffect, Stichting Investor Claims Against Fortis (SICAF), and Dutch shareholder Association VEB announce a settlement proposal...

... with respect to all civil proceedings related to the former Fortis group for the events in 2007 and 2008. The Parties will request the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to declare the settlement binding for all eligible Fortis shareholders in accordance with the Dutch Act on Collective Settlement of Mass Claims (Wet Collectieve Afwikkeling Massaschade, “WCAM”). This agreement will help all parties draw a line under lengthy and complex legal proceedings marked by uncertainties in terms of timing and outcome.

For Ageas specifically, the agreement will allow the company to regain its full strategic and financial flexibility and to focus entirely on its Insurance business.

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